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Papa heron was the only one out fishing last night, while the Mrs. was perched on the nest way across the river. I doubt that I will be able to get good shots of the nests in the one treetop as they look to be on private land. After we got back from walking Mo yesterday morning, one of our neighbors asked Bill to help him fix an outside leak from his rig. I sat with Jerry's wife, Darlene while the guys tinkered. About an hour or so later, they decided it was repaired. Both guys were filthy by then, with big grins on their faces. After lunch we gave Mo a shower outside, using a small wand Bill has in the plumbing compartment. It took both of us to get it done, with Bill firmly holding the leash while I lathered and rinsed (Mo HATES getting wet). The rest of the day, we just enjoyed the day and stayed put. There are many days down here that the car never moves. We really have everything we need right here, and it's nice being lazy! We woke this morning to more drizzle, but it should be stopping soon. Highs remain in the low 70's, so we aren't complaining. Jerry and Darlene want to repay Bill for his help yesterday by taking us out to lunch today. They are ranchers from South Dakota with a huge but very friendly boxer named Katy. She's quite excitable, so while Mo is friendly towards her, he wisely keeps his distance (she probably outweighs him by 70 pounds). One of our other neighbors left yesterday. This was the couple that I previously wrote about, with the husband that was no longer allowed to drive. We recently found out that he actually had a grand mal seizure right after they arrived down here in their motorhome. He didn't have any previous medical conditions, and they have no idea why he had the seizure. They were able to find a volunteer driver from Family Motor Coach Association to drive their rig back home. He got here late yesterday morning in his older Subaru Outback. He hooked his car up to their rig and left. The wife and hubby followed in their own car. Hubby isn't allowed to drive for at least a year (assuming no more seizures). Just goes to show, you never know…

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