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In spite of a steady drizzle, misty and damp day, with occasional rain we managed to accomplish the items on our “to-do” agenda. After the usual morning coffee, I made the bed, dried the dishes for my Honey, paid our insurance bill, and then went outdoors to get a few more things done.

I took the trash out and then turned off the water so I could easily change the anode rod in the water heater. I drained the water heater and then removed the anode rod, only to discover that the rod was in pretty good shape. Although it was coated with calcium, it was pretty much the original size and not eroded away as I have seen in the past.

I cleaned the water heater by spraying water under pressure inside, and then watched as small pieces of calcium ran out with the water.

As luck would have it, the rain began in earnest as I wrapped the anode rod threads with plumbers tape and worked to re-install it. By the time I finished, I was soaking wet. I rolled up the hose and put it away, turned the water on and checked for leaks, and then went inside to dry off. I put my wet clothing in the dryer and put on my PJ’s, assuming that we wouldn’t be going out today.

A knock on the door brought Barry from next door to introduce me to a couple from Tennessee who expressed interested in purchasing property here in Retama. We showed them the coach house and then answered questions about taxes, insurance and the HOA fee. They took one of our brochures with them when they left.

I had just settled down to make reservations for our journey after we leave here in April when another knock on the door grabbed my attention. This time it was Carol who manages things here. She handed me an envelope with money for a water hose which had been destroyed by the mowers.

Marilyn did some laundry and then baked some chocolate chip cookies which made things very pleasant around here. LOL

Life is Good!

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