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After a very warm day yesterday the temperature sagged only to a low of 71 degrees during the night. Marilyn & I were up by 6:30 this morning and sat together in the living room with our morning coffee. She fixed toast for a lite breakfast but coated the toast with peanut butter and topped that with habanero pineapple preserves, which does tend to warm the mouth inside. In fact it warms your whole face.

We left the resort early for the drive to Mass because the fuel gauge for Marilyn’s car was sitting on empty. It has only a 12 gallon tank and I added 10.4 gallons. The church was packed today and was quite meaningful. Have you ever heard the song by George Straight called “I saw God today”? The words hold special meaning for me because it talks about seeing his new born daughter for the first time and seeing his name on the little pink band around the baby’s wrist. For some reason I was thinking about our daughters and remembering Kelly.

Marilyn & I did some work outdoors and then went inside for some lunch. We went for a walk in spite of the light drizzle. Actually it was more like a mist in the air and it didn’t bother us as we walked for the 24th day this month. We missed one day although we did walk a lot on that day; it just wasn’t “power walking”.

We streamed a western movie in the afternoon and then I called my friend, David, who lives in Phoenix. Dave goes through Kidney Dialysis three times a week and is teaching me a lot about that. We enjoy our visits on the phone and especially the laughs we share. Dave has a great attitude about things and a good sense of humor. He has been a good friend for more than 62 years, no matter how far apart. It is one of those friendships that just picks up right where you left off, no matter how long it has been since we were together.

Because of the wonderful friends and family who bless our lives we can easily say “Life is Good”.

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