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New Park Trail #1

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Our River

Northern Pintale Ducks

Kids Fishing Last Night

Yogi Saying Goodnight

I hadn't been able to go outside with the camera since Tuesday evening, thanks to multiple days of steady drizzle/rain. So, when the sun finally came back out yesterday afternoon, we just had to get out and go do something. There is another park just east of town that we've never been to before, so that's where we went. It used to be a state park, but the city took it over a while back. They still charge for entrance, though, but for $25/year, we have unlimited access to its numerous trails, and we took the easiest one yesterday, just to check it out. It was about 1.5 miles roundtrip, all flatland and fairly well-groomed. What we hadn't considered was how muddy it would all be after the rains. Oh, well…we still enjoyed ourselves. Mo loved being the scout, leading the way. Usually you'd find the mosquitoes in the thick of the woods, but down here they are much more savvy. Why wait in the woods for your next victim? Instead, they hung out in the parking area, and I got my first bite of the year as soon as I stepped out of the car. Smart little suckers (pun intended)! All the brown grass here turned to vibrant green overnight. Even the shrubs and trees are greening up now. Temps are steady in the upper 60's to mid-70's. Perfect! We are going to play mini-golf with Randy and Karen this afternoon. They and a handful of the other winter Texans are leaving next Thursday (March 1st) for home. We just got back from our late morning walk, visiting with our friends and watching the weekenders packing up to leave. We are often gone for more than an hour on these walks, as we slowly meander around the campground. Bill is now looking at Google Maps, figuring out our next day trip (taking routes we haven't been on before).

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