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Palm Sugar Farm

Palm Sugar produce

Mount Popa

Sorting out David Hughes’ car



Road works

Sunset over Inle Lake

We left our hotel in Bagan at 7:15 in order to be at the Mount Popa resort for breakfast. It was a bright sunny morning and the view from the Terrace over to the pagoda on top of a volcanic plug was spectacular. We could all have spent a long time relaxing and enjoying the view, but we had a long drive ahead of us. Paul, the mechanic stayed to repair the Rover which continues to have fuel supply problems. Hopefully it is all sorted now. There was a closed road on our route out of Popa and we all took a different route. We returned to brief the last Cars and stayed until the repair was done, so eventually left an hour and a quarter behind our planned departure.

Lunch was at a sanctuary for elephants, run as a voluntary establishment. By the time we arrived the main party had already gone from the car parking area and we were delayed further by a misunderstanding about which way to go. All very frustrating after a 3.5 hour drive to get there. However they provided a good and quick lunch and we went down to feed the elephants before departing on the final leg.

It was John Taylor’s last driving day of the rally as he returns back home after the weekend. Charles, who has travelled with us on all of the rallies has joined Neil M to replace him. Charlotte went with them in the Toyota Land Cruiser and John navigated for me in the Aston Martin. It was a steep ascent to Kalaw, an old hill station town and with many trucks on the road it was an exciting drive, making sure it was safe to pass. Once through Kalaw, the road stayed at around 1300m altitude until we turned off the main road and descended to the mere 900m of Inle Lake. After a long day, we arrived just in time to catch the end of he sunset over the lake and a welcome beer!

Day off next to relax and enjoy the lake.

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