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On deck 5 - just as we dreamed of it at home


In the Cabaret Lounge

Great entertainment






All dressed up

The Captain

Fist bump - no hand shaking to prevent germ spread




On Board The Quest Feb. 21

One thing we love about a cruise is that, once unpacked, you are set for the rest of the journey. No living out of a suitcase! We are set for the next two and a half weeks. Our first two days are at sea as we ’steam’ along the Baja coast of Mexico. Right after breakfast in our room, we went down to deck five and the lounge chairs. The weather was changing for the warmer (about 5 - 10 degrees up each day). Still, this morning, a light sweater helped. After a lunch and a rest in the afternoon, we got dressed up for dinner at the ‘Chef’s Table.’ The ordinary dinners are open table without the need for reservations. On deck 10 there is the group of "Specialty Dining Restaurants” that is a small extra cost and does need reservations. On other years, we had received a notice and while we thought this may be a small slip-up because of the first night, we headed up to deck 10. Well, it was more than a small slip-up. They could not find our reservation - despite the fact that our sign-up sheet said so. The restaurant manager was gushing with apologies - it was someone’s fault. He made another Chef Table reservation at a later date and gave us a free Prime Restaurant seating right then. After dinner we went to the greeting of the Captain followed by wonderful entertainment.

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