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Heron in the tree outside our hotel

Another Heron in same tree

Land iguana in different tree

Land iguana in the park eating potato

Getting close

Land iguanas everywhere on the hedge

Up a tree

View of the oldest street

View of river from hotel

The next few entries are backdated as We have arrived at Bogota in Colombia and got a decent connection after having another amazing to the Gallapogas Islands. Unfortunately and sadly We left Dave and Irene back in Guayaquil airport as they were heading back home. We shall miss them dearly as we had created a dynamic gregarious team.

Anyhow back to Guayaquil, we are booked in the Wydnham Hotel on the river front, in the middle of a massive ox bow in the river. The river is massive and carrying thousands of litres of water as well as a lot of vegetation with it creating many small floating reed and water Lilly islands. These were occupied by egrets, cranes and other native birds.

Diego collected us at 4:30 and we went on a walking tour around the old township which backed onto the modernised sea frontage where our hotel was located. The steps lead up to the old light house and the slum area that surrounded it. At each level there was a cleansed area for walking with gates indicating a no go area into the slums. It was most concerning when Deigo paid off a tall local lad " just incase he needed his help in the future".

It was frightening to think as Deigo as a local lad himself still needed to buy protection.

We visited the local church of course and it was known as the first Catholic Church in Ecuador to have a black priest. Again Deigo paid for entrance and to have lights piut on.

We escaped the ghetto and headed back to the modernised seafront where it held multiplex cinema complex and a small funfair. It also had a commentaries statue of the two generals that finally got their independence from Spain.

After we wandered to the Central Park and there we were surrounded by Land Iguanas, who have taken up residence since the locals starting feeding back in the 19th century. Some were quite imposing particularly those on the ground demanding food. We did stay to long as we had our farewell meal with Diego and Falso.

We had local cuisine and Dave told a cycle path joke to Diego, however it sounded much funnier when Diego recited it in Soanish to Falsi. I am not sure the translation was perfect but Falso laughed at the right places. He then had to leave early as he was worried about where he left the bus, and whether it was still there!!!!!!

Went back to hotel, Dave and Irene went to the Bar and A,is on and I went to.bed like good children we are.

Up again at 7 am for our trip to the Galapogas. Diego and Falso got us to the airport in good time and just like Diego he had a row with their control agents. We said our sad goodbyes to the ever lively Diego "mi Casa is tu casa" which roughly translates as my home is your home. Deigo asked for our address just incase he wanted to stay over in England. I gave him Daves and Irene's address!!!!!

So we depart on our flight to the Galapogas, excited, energised and buzzed.

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