We left snow-covered Tonopah this morning for our drive to Beatty, Nevada..

We made a quick stop in Goldfield to visit a friend..

Loved this house covered with signs on the drive...

Loved seeing the Joshua trees again..

Arriving in Beatty, can't wait to see the burros...:-)

Our nice site in Beatty...

We had lunch at Gina's Cafe...

We loved this little store in Beatty..

We bought some delicious olives stuffed with pepper jack cheese..

They had a huge variety of jerky too..

Unusual honey too, even cactus..

Beatty Museum...

Last one, a cool mural in Beatty..

We left the snow-covered town of Tonopah this morning heading to Beatty. It was a fast and easy 100-mile drive. The snow has definitely slowed our trip down, we should be out of the snow zone in Beatty, they do not get a lot of snow in the area.

We did make a quickie stop in Goldfield to visit a friend before making our way to Beatty. This is our first stay in Beatty, we are planning to visit the nearby ghost town of Rhyolite while in town. It is also really close to Death Valley National Park, we will definitely be visiting the park tomorrow. We also read about a herd of wild burros living in Beatty, our campground host said they visit the campground daily, we can’t wait to see them. :-) Check back later for more adventures in Nevada.

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