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The bridge to Laos


Wall paintings in the Wat in Laos

The waterfall at our lunch stop


At Sukhothai


Our tuk tuk


No sooner had we left the town of Dan Sai then we started to climb into the hills. The road was empty of other traffic and wound its way upwards through the tropical forest. We spent the day driving with Alan and Jan in their Porsche, that seems to stick like glue easily around every bend. The Aston Martin is harder work, but great fun on these roads.

Over the pass, and the road wound its way down to the valley below. We turned off into Ban Muang Phrae - a small village on a small river. However, this river is the border with Laos. They have now built a simple bamboo footbridge to connect the two sides, but all the locals just wade through the water as did some of our group including Charlotte! Once on the other side ( no frontier controls evident) we found a little cafe to have tinned iced coffee at temperatures ranging from cool to tepid. It was just what we needed and they accepted Thai baht. Just up the road was a small temple with the walls on the outside covered in murals. We paused to admire it and photograph them before returning across the border to our car and a chat and some photos with the local policeman.

The road climbed again into the National Park where we stopped at the Phu Soi Waterfall for a simple chicken and sticky rice lunch. There were more great roads through the hills after lunch before the road finally flattened out on the way down to Sukhothai our destination for the day.

With nearly 200 temples set amongst beautiful trees and grass, the Sukothai historical park made a scenic visit in the evening light by Tuk Tuk. We watched the sunset and ate and early dinner of Sukhohai noodle soup before retiring for an early night.

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