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Red Shouldered Hawk

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Pastel Apple

The campground manager's husband told us that he has seen a small black bear fishing in the river early in the morning. I am not a morning person, but I have added him to the list of things to look for when I'm out walking the river trail. Tuesday night's walk was exciting! I had the Nikon with me, and was on the trail, looking for the pair of hawks I keep hearing about. There are tall grasses all along the riverbank that are normally occupied by small birds. As I was walking, out of one of the clumps of tall grass next to me a hawk suddenly flies right in front of me with a three-foot long snake in its claws! It flew over to one of the hundreds of neighboring trees. I was so startled I didn't get the greatest shots, but you can clearly see the snake was still very much alive - twisting and trying desperately to escape. By the last shot (where the hawk is in the tree) the snake looks pretty limp. When I looked online, it said that snakes are one of the hawk's favorite foods. Yum, right? Looking at the markings and coloring, we think it was a harmless water snake. There was no sign of the hawk's mate, and I haven't yet found the nest, but I'm sure it's nearby. I just love these evening walks! So fun! We've had 1.15 inches of rain so far, with more coming today through Saturday before we finally dry out. Yesterday it rained all day, so we hung out inside. Bill worked on his upcoming 50th reunion stuff, and I played with my new pastel pencils and pans. I will post my first attempt at an apple, even though it's not good. But you'll get the idea that pastels make a much softer, almost impressionist look than the more detailed colored pencils. I've also started a pear, to practice shading and tones. There are YouTube videos and Facebook groups for beginners of every medium. It's never too late to learn, and it doesn't require a big investment. If you have the cool and warm versions of the three primary colors (red, blue, yellow) you can make all the other colors. Okay, no more preaching! Tonight is another pot luck, and I'm going to fix a healthy Tabbouleh salad for it. It will be a nice offset for all the sausage, meatballs, potatoes and pasta dishes that we always see there. We just had our first squirrel in two years manage to shimmy down the metal pole into the bird feeder, so we are headed back to Wild Birds Unlimited to figure out how to keep him off of it.

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