Anne & Tom West Coast to East Coast Panama Canal Cruise travel blog

San Diego Airport

Checking in at our Hotel

Our room

A genuine 'gaslamp district' building


The end of a productive day

San Diego from the deck of the ship - The Azamara Quest

Planes land right over the city!

As we leave on our 18 day cruise!


And the band played on.

Off to the ocean

Coast Guard escort

Circling around

The end of a great day. Now down to dinner!

San Diego and Departing on Cruise Feb. 19-20

The southbound flight to San Diego was smooth although cramped. We took a short taxi ride to our hotel, the Indigo in the Gaslight district. We chose this hotel since it was about halfway between the airport and the cruise port. Tom walked around the block, but there were no retail stores. Only bars, restaurants, and hotels. He did sight a very ‘gaslight-looking’ house structure. The hotel had two bar/restaurants. The one on the 9th floor was on an open deck and nobody was there - it was freezing in the wind! The lobby restaurant was crowded with Dutch participants from an International Dermatology Conference. We had a wonderful charcuterie meal.

The next morning was leisurely since we weren’t due to check in to the ship until noon. After we did check in, we had lunch on board and watched the planes land right over the buildings of San Diego from the deck of the ship. At five, the ship blasted it’s whistle and we emerged from the harbor. The band played in the chilly wind and a Coast Guard boat with a gunner on the bow escorted us past the Navy Yard on our port side.

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