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The SpaceX launch, you can just barely see the faint curve of...

The Flamingo pond that also had lots of Egrets and Ibis. Another...

At Homosassa Springs, Mike checks out the gator crate and its sign

The famous hippo Lu, 58 years old and starting to feel his...

Michelle watches the gators and listens to the Park staffer's presentation

Lu much happier in the water, his arthritis doesn't hurt as much

Mike got a chuckle out of this, his car in white as...

Mike enjoying his music night with some neighbours

Our two modes of transportation on Valentines Day

Sunset before we left the dock

Mike watches his shot on the 7th last Sunday. Notice the only...

A selfie in the pool today

Not a selfie, with the Rec Hall behind us, again in the...

Getting used to being in Florida could take a while. The weather here has been up and down... some mornings we have the heater on and then in the evening, the air conditioning kicks in. Some days you wake up to fog and then it burns off by mid morning... and it's boat drinks by the pool...we look at the weather that our families are having back home we realize how privileged we are to be spending this time south for the winter.

Since our Key West trip, life has been pretty boring....we have filled our days playing a little pickle ball, water volleyball,Michelle went to a couple of the weekly Ladies Teas and of course we went to yoga. Mike organized a few music practice sessions (one week he was joined with someone who brought steel drums, then another week with a slide steel guitar, and last week a fellow from Montreal brought his keyboard). Mike was disappointed at the turn out, since the first week there were seven people. Problem is that with so much going on, music players forget to show up. This past week we attended a little social get together at one of the other camper's sites and that may end up being where Mike plays from now on for an hour or two every week, with a sax and keyboard so far.

Some of the neat things we've done:

- Watched the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch from our lawn chairs in front of our bus. Even though it was 90 miles away, we could see the fiery plume as it rose and disappeared into the sky.

- We've golfed a bunch of times and Michelle keeps winning, but it usually comes down to the last hole or last putt. For you golfers, she actually broke 50 on the front 9 on Sunday (first time) but of course couldn't keep it up on the back 9.

- One week we had no organized bus trip, so we headed off in the car to Homosassa Springs Wild Life State Park and found a movie star hippo, Manatees, gators and many many birds on exhibit for us to see. It was a very interesting day trip and a wonderful find. All the animals have been rescued, Bald Eagles missing parts of a wing, a whole flock of flamingos, a Florida panther, a black bear, foxes, deer, and others I know I've missed. They rehab Manatees and release them if they can, but have 6 who can't be released. Each one eats 100 lbs of Romaine lettuce each day, and it takes 7 days to go through their system, no wonder they weigh so much! Mike expected us to only to be there a couple hours, but we were there most of the day, it was a great experience!

- Went on a Valentines dinner dance with the stern drive paddle wheel again in Sanford. Got back home after midnight and then spent the next few hours watching all the Olympic events going on. Between having the Satellite feed and the internet, we were busy flipping back and forth between the screens to keep up with all our Canadian teams. Yeah Canada!

- We've enjoyed a few meals at the canteen in the park, (Mike really enjoyed their jambalaya) and one meal at the food truck that comes into the park (Mexican and American, definitely have to go back to it). Blueberry pancakes tomorrow morning :-)

More golf, more pool... more yoga...more golf... more pool...today it was 85F. More pool... The last two weeks the weather has been 10F degrees warmer than normal. Tomorrow it's more golf and dinner out with a group from the park. Hope you all stay warm and dry.

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