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Two of the birthday celebrators


Oysters for Greg

Crab for Tom

Happy Birthday


At Home Depot

The newest remodeling project - a wine tasting room

Some of today's wiring work

Grazing dinner on Saturday


Greg does cook!

His creation


Off for a brisk walk



A bridge over troubled waters

US Navy



View at the end of the walk

Great Thai food




Greg, Anne, Chuck, and Tom all have birthdays in February. When we visit in that month, we celebrate. On Friday, we went to the Waterbar at the Embarcadero. We had a fabulous view of the Bay Bridge which is all decked out in moving lights.

On Saturday, Greg and Tom did a buddy project on the new room Greg is building in a part of his condo that was “going to waste.” They fished electrical wire through the ceiling and walls to set up the lighting fixtures. Of course, they had to go to Home Depot to get supplies first. Greg made dinner that night.

Our last day with Greg and Chuck was spent lounging around in the morning and then we headed out for a brisk walk. Heron’s Head Park on the Bay was our destination. The wind was very strong and while the temperature was in the high 40’s, it was not as bad as back home in Webster.

Thai food rounded out the evening at a wonderful restaurant where the servings were perfectly proportioned and served with a smile.

Monday we departed around 10 and since it was a holiday (Presidents’ Day) Greg and Chuck drove us to the airport for our good-bye’s. We miss them (and the dogs) already.

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