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Herons nesting across the river

Sunset last night

I'm happily back in my shorts as we've been in the 70's the last couple of days. We took a long drive yesterday to Castroville, about 20 miles SW of San Antonio. Taking the old highways, it took us about 1.5 hours to get there. It was late morning when we pulled in to the town's "regional" park. We needed to let Mo stretch his legs (and we, ours), so we opted to take the trail that started at the edge of the parking lot. It was sunny and in the low 70's, so we couldn't have asked for nicer weather. We ignored the posted trail map and just started walking. Imagine our surprise (and dismay) when we discovered that this hike was much harder and longer than we'd thought. The various trails side wined up one of the larger hills. We hadn't thought to bring any water (or me, a hat). We'd thought for sure the trail would be as small as the town! I was in the lead, with the boys behind me. I could hear Bill's shoes loudly stomping as he walked. I figured he was just as tired as I was, but he later told me that he was actually trying to scare the snakes away! Exhausted and panting, we finally came upon some other hikers who pointed the way back to the parking lot. About 15 minutes later, we were gulping that last of our coffee and munching on power bars. We stopped at Costco in San Antonio, and fought the horrible I-10 city traffic (perpetually under construction) and got back to the rig late in the afternoon, stopping on the way to pick up salads for dinner from Chick-Fil-A. Yesterday evening's walk was quiet (still no sign of the hawks), except for my sighting across the river. I saw a couple of herons land in the same treetop area within a few minutes of each other and thought, 'Hmmmm'…Herons aren't usually found in trees. I took some pictures, but it was too dark and too far away for decent shots. After uploading the photos this morning, it was clear that there are several large nests in that tree. Bill is going to study the online maps of the area and see if we can drive over the river and get any closer to that tree. It may be on private property, though. We were on our way back to the rig, talking with neighbors who were outside enjoying the warm evening, when the sunset caught on fire, so the shot I posted is in between cabins. But still, cool. Today, we are both stiff from yesterday's hike. We have just begun a multiple day rain/t-storm event. We thought we would be able to get back from the laundromat this morning before it began, but the thunder started shortly after I'd plugged the 4 washers with quarters. One close by lightning strike blew out the Dish TV service. My first thought was 'Okay, what do I do if the washers lose power before the clothes are rinsed and wrung out?' My second thought was of Mo, all alone back at the rig and terrified of storms. There goes my Mother of the Year Award, AGAIN. I don't think he got any sleep while we were gone, but we got an exuberant greeting when we got back. It was quite a downpour, so the pee pad is on the counter, ready and waiting to be of service. Bill pulled the related slide-out back in a few feet, just to push the rainwater off the top. It's already mid-afternoon, and I'm going to make some white (bean) chicken chili for supper. Stay warm, Denver!

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