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Marilyn & I shared our coffee together before we left to pick up John & Lori for breakfast at Diaz Diner. We all enjoyed a delicious meal and then drove away feeling stuffed and relaxed. I drove toward a place we heard about but had not seen. Jim & Karen had told us about a fun place they had been called the Junkyard.

This is a bar & grill located in an actual junkyard, just next to the border with Mexico. We found the place but didn’t stop, thinking that we would save that experience for another time.

Back at the Resort we dropped our friends at their place and drove home. It was a beautiful day so Marilyn & I took a walk. She walks farther than I do so I was back home ahead of Marilyn. I made the bed and changed into shorts and a T-Shirt.

Marilyn arrived and took her book outdoors to sit on the patio and read. Bev and then Dick walked over to chat for a while. They are leaving tomorrow and we hate to see them go. They are very nice folks.

I worked on my book for a while and nearly had it finished when my phone rang. It was john & Lori inviting us to go see the movie, “15:17 to Paris”, which was very good.

It was after 5:00 PM when we returned and I managed to complete the manuscript for my book. I’ll try to submit it for publication tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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