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We really enjoy the Echo Dot, a Christmas gift from friends. Now our mornings go like this: “Alexa, Play Dan Gibson Solitudes” The voice comes back, “Shuffling Dan Gibson Solitudes”. We have the fireplace on (without the heat of course) and the coffee is ready. We say “Alexa, set the volume at 6” and magically the volume increases. We then sip our coffee as we enjoy the wonderful morning. Now this is a nice way to begin our day.

Marilyn & I finished our coffee and then Marilyn left for her morning walk. I made the bed and then dressed for the very warm day ahead. I put on an old pair of shorts and a fresh, clean T-Shirt, and then headed outdoors to dump the holding tanks. With that chore complete I headed down the street for my walk.

When I returned to the RV I had a text from John asking if I was home and if he could come by. Well, of course! When John arrived he asked to take a look at the furniture we have in the Coach house. Part of this leather “Theater Seating” furniture is broken and I have been unable to find any furniture repair place to do a repair. John and I jumped right in, turned the furniture over and began investigating the problem.

To make a long story short, we soon had the broken side of the furniture removed and had located the piece made of wood which was completely broken in half. John suggested a method for repair, made some measurements, and we drove off to Home Depot. We purchased a piece of wood, two boxes of wood screws, a tube of liquid nails, and a new hacksaw (this had nothing to do with the furniture repair.

Back at the RV the measurements, the sawing, and the gluing and screwing was soon completed and the furniture was reassembled. Now we are going to wait for a couple of days before using the furniture as designed. Thank You John.

Marilyn & I took John & Lori out for lunch as a minor reward for the excellent work done by John. By the time we returned to our RV, we needed to begin getting ready for the Happy Hour at Mike & Marian’s home.

We arrived at the beautiful home of our friends, right at 4:00 PM. Besides Mike & Marian, we joined the group of Bob & Janet, Denny & Jackie, Jim & Karen, Eddie & Jan, and John & Lori. Constant conversation and laughter filled the air on this warm, breezy, afternoon. We all enjoyed this perfect day in the company of good friends with a cold drink and delicious snacks. Life is Good!

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