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Visiting here in Selah

Pat and Dale

Yesterday was a quiet, pleasant day of doing laundry, getting frustrated with my computer (that part was not so quiet) and visiting with family and friends. Jackie, Mary and Mike, friends for decades came to visit me at my sister's house.In the late afternoon, we took a walk through what was a very rural neighborhood when I lived there and is now sprouting new houses at an unprecedented rate.

Today, after an early morning walk and breakfast with Ernie and Larry, I take off, traveling west on I-84 through the dry part of Oregon until I reach I-82, which crosses the Columbia River into Washington. Heading towards Selah, just north of Yakima, where cousins, Pat and Dale, live. The temperature is in the 80s. Haven't seen that for awhile.

Still the dry side of the mountains, but as I continue greenness increases and wineries are seen. Vines grow along the slopes of the hills. Taking the left turn lane to Selah, I soon receive a warm welcome and begin a fun visit in Central Washington.

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