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Red traffic lights

At a temple beside the road

A rural coffee stop


Slow, turtles crossing

At the mask museum

The morning was spent driving fast roads interrupted at regular intervals by incredibly slow traffic lights. Each major junction has a long cycle for all four directions. Sometimes there was a counter to show how many seconds were left before the red light would change to green. However, the counter only went up to 99, which in some cases was not nearly enough! It would stay at that figure until it was time to start counting down from there. It was all very frustrating and it seemed that every junction was on a red light when we arrived.

Once we arrived at our lunch stop of Chiang Kaen everything changed and the pace of life dropped. We parked our cars in the grounds of a monastery, rang the huge gong three times and headed off in search of a restaurant on the banks of the Mekong river. The northern side of the Mekong is Laos.

The afternoon drive was along pretty roads close to the border with virtually no other traffic. Soon the trials of the morning faded away and we were able to enjoy great driving and get some air moving through the car.

In Dan Sai town, we stopped to the the museum of Ghost Masks before combing up a hill to our cliff top hotel. We are currently sitting on the balcony of our little villa room looking down to a muddy lake and valley below. Plenty of insect repellent has been applied, but mercifully the temperature is cooler here and dropping as the sun goes down. Ho hum, I had better check over the car before the light goes. She has been running supremely well and deserves some TLC.

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