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Cajas National Park

Alison stepping out

Katy taking the lead

Happy campers

Epic views

Hampsome Male Llama looking for his women

Near the highest point

Mmmm delicious breakfast not

Diego borrowing Cocoa

Lowlands of Guayaquil

Alison still not quite right and had a poor nights sleep as we got up at 7 am to make our way to Guayaguil.

We were further delayed by our breakfast arrangements with the forgetful waiter and everything had to be served individually. This did cause disruption as there appeared to be over 20 guests staying last night and all were moving on this morning.

Anyhow Diago had a word with both his company and the hotel management team, I think there will be changes going forwards. We head out today and collect a young women Katy our Cajas tour guide to take us through the Cajas National park which was some 30 km's out of Cuenca.

We had a wonderful walk through the park and surprisingly it was a clear day well at least initially.

Katy was a flora and fauna expert and she was extremely knowledgeable and explained each species clearly. She also was knowledgeable of the animals and birds within the park. We had a two hours walking from 3900 down 500m through this lake land area, which had over 700 lakes.

We returned to our transport and said goodbye to Katy as we continued onto Guayaquil. We crossed the highest peaks in Ecuador at 3900m, it is also the place where the rivers feed both the Pacific and Atlantic. We witnessed a pet dog getting attacked by Llamas, which was of its own making.

As we headed over the pass we entered another rain and cloud zone which continued for another 90 mins. We stopped off at a Cafe to share some chicken and corn that Diego had brought earlier. On coming out of the rain forest the temperature and humidity increased many fold.

Diego went into a farm and borrowed some Cacoa to show us what was in the plant and gave us all a taste of the fresh beans. It was a sweet and had a slimy feel around the the bean.

As we approached Guayaquil, the landscape was flat fertile volcanic land full of rice fields, sugar cane, cocoa plants and bananas. The sky was full of egrets, vultures, King fishers, buzzards and Hawks until we reached the urban limits. Guayaquil is very much an industrial port area with 5 star luxury living next to shanty towns. We are staying encased in the Wyndham hotel until this evening when we have our farewell dinner with Diego and Fastio. We are packing one bag to journey out to Galagpogas in the morning. I hope that Alison is feeling better and the weather holds us for another amazing adventure.

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