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So term is officially over (no class on Friday is quite possibly the best thing ever!) which means the same as at home - it is a week where we get to catch up on study but that pass/fail life is giving me some wiggle room to take a proper break. Instead of study, a few of us decided to go to Cuba for a week or so! The concept of popping down to South America for the week just blows my mind but there you go. So cool!! I reckon this will definitely get me keen to do a proper South America trip for my next adventure abroad, but we shall see! Definitely keen to get around some sun and sand :D the weather is looking to be 27 and sunny everyday... Just as I was getting used to walking around in a jumper at -1 too!

Uni is going well - it's a bit like home where you don't get assignments back in a hurry but the assessments are a lot more frequent and as a result are worth a lot less so there's less pressure to actually do well in all of them.

Hopefully I'll get busy in Havana and Varadero and take lots of pictures for you all, but as usual I can't make any promises - it's much more likely that I'll just eat my body weight in churros and be sipping mojitos on the beach :')

We're also hitting up Toronto as part of the trip to see a few more of the sights that we didn't get around to last time. Slowly improving my ice skating skills so by May I'll practically be a varisty hockey player!

Will chat to you when I get back and crack onto the rest of the semester! I'm sure there'll be a story or two to tell.

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