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Moms and Babies

Dancing Armadillo (third sighting this year)

First Turtle Sighting in Campground

I swear we took a wrong turn when we left Denver and ended up in London! Every morning has been foggy and drizzly. At least it's 65F at 9am. When it cleared up yesterday around noon, we took another back-road drive to a cemetery in Tivydale. There were only 38 buried in this small lot, but no markers for the three family members we were looking for. The drive was worth it, though, as we saw Mexican eagles (part of the vulture family but more colorful), deer, baby lambs, and our third armadillo. This guy stood up on his hind legs, either asking me to dance or because he felt threatened and wanted to appear larger (I'm guessing the latter). Notice how long his claws are! When we got back and walked Mo, I was surprised to see the big turtle in the pond. The cool weather has delayed many of my spring sightings, including the frogs, and Night Herons. One of the things about being down here that's striking to me is the lack of turnover of employees in stores and restaurants. At Gibson's Hardware, Chili's, and McDonald's, we recognized several of the staff from previous years. Maybe it's just the size of the town. Our Denver McDonald's is constantly training new staff. The campground is adding two more water slides to their outdoor pool area. One of them is going to be 54 feet high! Our site is at the opposite end of it, so (thankfully) we don't see it, or hear the construction. And we are back home long before the pool opens for the summer. There are many year-round activities for kiddos, like two bounce pads, basketball and volleyball courts, playground, indoor pool, arcade games, mini-golf, crafts, peddled go-carts, etc. We've heard that summers here are a madhouse of kids. Presidents' holiday weekend starts tomorrow, so we may see an influx of families, but the possibility of rain may deter some. There are nearly twice as many cabins here as before, in all sizes from teeny to large. The dozen or so nice ones overlook the river and have decks perfect for watching the colorful sunsets over the hills to the west, while the herons and egrets fly eastward over the river, heading home. If we ever got rid of the rig, I'd like to winter in one of those.

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