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An outdoor temperature near 70 degrees greeted us this morning as we prepared for the Open House. With a quick breakfast out of the way, we went out for a walk. I’m feeling good about walking eleven days in a row. Marilyn is doing even better than I am.

I then moved the truck to the clubhouse where it would be out of the way for possible visitors coming by to see our place. I put the “For Sale” sign out in front. We turned the interior lights on, put music on the outdoor speakers, lit a candle, and turned on the fireplace in the coach house. It really felt nice and comfortable in there.

We had turned the A/C on in the RV overnight and it was still on this morning although it wasn’t running at all. The wind began to pick up, finally reaching over 20 mph as it shifted to come out of the north, which brought plummeting temperatures.

People began dropping by to see our place and every one of them commented on how nice it was. Several couples seemed quite interested but we’ll see if we even hear from them again.

By the time the Open House ended at 4:00 PM we had visited with nine couples. The temperature was 47 degrees with a 22mph wind, making it feel like 36 degrees out there. Brrr….

Marilyn returned to the RV, turned the A/C off and the furnace ON to take the chill off.

Now we have shared a chicken pot pie and can relax. Life is Good.

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