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Have you ever sat quietly and asked yourself, “What can happen next?” That’s the situation with us this morning. A couple of days ago, a longtime friend passed away. Today Marilyn & I sat together recalling memories of my brother Bill, who passed away on this date back in 2005. As we talked quietly the phone rang and we received the news that a daughter of one of Marilyn’s cousins, passed away early this morning. What else can happen next?

It doesn’t compare with the first paragraph but we had things ready to mail to a friend back in Missouri, and another package to our grandson, Colby, with birthday gifts. We went to the car and I could not unlock the doors with my electronic key fob. Marilyn went back in to get her key fob and it wouldn’t open the doors either. I peeked into the car and noticed that the lights had been left on. It had been at least 24 hours since the car had been driven and the battery was dead as a doornail.

Being unable to open the door meant that we had no access to the hood latch so I couldn’t connect my battery charger. I retrieved an extra key that we have for just such an emergency but it would not unlock the door.

I called Spike Ford here in Mission and they suggested I call a tow truck. Are you kidding me! The second dealership I called said we needed to call a locksmith. I did that and the minimum charge, even if they were unable to open the door, would be $20.00. I turned them down.

Finally, the Ford Dealer where we purchased the car suggested trying the other emergency key which was inside the key fob. That worked and I soon had my charger connected to charge the battery while we took the truck to the Post Office.

By the time we returned the battery was charged and the car started just fine. I grilled steak on the grill and we ate a late lunch/early dinner. We have a lot to do so I’ll stop for now. What else can happen? Then we picked up our mail. Maybe tomorrow...

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