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Last view out of the no wall room

Back down the river with the water level down at least 4...

A house in the capital of the region.

The main road to civilisation

Vultures waiting for any lost travellers

So this is the end of our Amazon adventure.

The heat is unbelievable the mosquitoes are relentless- I have more than one hundred bites and as a lot merge into each other it could be nearer to 200. If they had malaria around here I am not sure how anyone would survive.

No rain since our journey into the jungle so water levels have fallen and mosquitoes have been breeding like a plague.

Also all of our trecks have been in wellies. As it has been so hot we have had soaking wet feet and starting to smell! I think trench foot cannot be far away.

We have left the worst of my clothes to be used by the locals. Hope they realise that we have meant well. I have also left them some of Nannies socks so now Africa and South America can see how good she was at making them.

Fantastic place with amazing sights and sounds. Would not come back easily but a wonderful experience and thoroughly enjoyed the company and the time here.

So today we have left the lodge. One last treck back to the river, this time in trainers and then back to the capital and wait for our plane. We left Tiff for a last day with Silverio to treck through the jungle as we gladly escaped the heat and horrible mosquitoes - did I mention them?

We travelled back with the German party and it was so funny as we got on the coach to see all of the front seats covered in bags so no one else could sit on them. The are typecast for life I think.

The plane journey was a short hop to Cusco and then on to Lima. Unfortunately we landed in Cusco in a thunderstorm so they could not unload the luggage from the plane so whilst the rain hammered down we sat on the plane going nowhere fast.

The rain stopped so they unloaded the luggage for the people getting off and reloaded the new passengers who were coming to Lima. The wind had got up so we then had to wait for ages to take off so landed into Lima in the rush hour so another hour to get to the hotel. It is fabulous with running water proper toilets (haven’t mentioned eco toilets, best left for a private conversation!)

We all had showers and a lovely meal in the hotel restaurant and no mosquitoes. We are still trying to heat ourselves every time something makes us itch. It is now a nervous reaction I think.

Moving days are so boring and nine hours of travelling is not much fun.

Tomorrow is a trip around the old town so we will see how we get on.

Civilisation has never seemed so great.

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