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February 8, 2018 Adios Loreto

You know what they say about fish and visitors, right? Throw them out after three days. Well, my hostess with the mostest Peg, my gracious host Eric and Rascalito Magnifico have welcomed me for twice as many days. My time here has been filled with laughter, great conversation, eating (of course), shopping, walking on the beach and just soaking in the beauty and culture of the area. I would love to come back here again. I did not spot a whale, plus it is so different from other parts of Mexico I have visited. For one thing there is no begging or panhandling, and although many of the houses appear poor by our standards, local people are working and the downtown area is vibrant (except during siesta, of course).

Posted pictures include our glass-bottom boat excursion, snorkeling along a beach on Danzante Island, eating at The Clam Shack on the beach, and shopping at the candy store. We were lucky to find some dark chocolate, a rarity here. The selection here is not what it is in the U.S., so when Peg finds a product she likes in stock, she buys a little extra.

The boat excursion was amazing, as dolphins decided to frolic in front of and alongside our boat. Victor, the driver, put his hand out to take my phone and I just handed it over without thinking. He immediately leaned his entire body over the side of the boat, holding my phone inches above the water. Ai Chihuahua! The video is amazing, it feels like we are in the water swimming with them, but I am unable to post it here, darn it. If you would like to see it let me know and I can share it via Dropbox.

My flight leaves in a couple of hours for LAX where I will spend the night at the Sheraton near the airport. Tomorrow I will fly to Tucson and pick up Wanda, and on Saturday we will begin our journey east to San Angelo, TX. Adios de mi amiga Peg y su casa bonita! Muchas, muchas gracias!!

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