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All aboard

Full steam ahead

Ready for breakfast

Picture postcard views

Majestic sheer peaks over power us

Ongoing maintenance work on only track

Snow capped mountains

Our first buildings seen near MP

Arriving at MP

Our Hotel entrance at the throat of MP station

We get up early at 04:30 to rain and overcast skies to head to one of our trip highlights to Macchu Picchu.

We bumped along from our hotel towards Ollantaytambo station, we passed a village named Coy which is for Guinea pigs. This villiage specialises in breeding, cooking and selling Guinea pigs live or freshly killed or cooked. Each household has a front stall where there were 3/4 cooked Guinea pigs on sticks for sale to eat.

We meet our train by the tracks at the appointed station and headed towards Macchu Picchu. The scenery and landscapes are to die for, a single line track cut alongside a narrow winding gorge or through the mountains themselves. These sheer faced granite mountains, up to 5900m or approx 3000m above us. Magnificient, majestic, mind numbingly picturesque, making us feel insignificant in terms of size or time. The rivers has run there course for millennia and I am sure for a few more. So our time here is miniscal, a blink in the eye. The clouds above cloaked these ice covered monsters and rarely let the full beauty out. As we headed further into the gorge, the clouds lifted and we began to feel as if we were entering the mystical magical place that is Mucho Picchu.

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