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that's sorted .... now where's the vac ?

Moneglia was a perfect base and very clean and pretty

every which-way this was a great village

old ruins added to its charm

access by tunnels, north and south, was interesting

Genoa's old galleon still looks great but could do with a little...

the galleon's bowsprit is very flash

great architecture remains a feature of Genoa

colourful waterfront buildings are everywhere

seaside villages dot the Mediterranean coast

old fortifications always add extra interest to the coast road

the coastline is always pretty

mandarin trees line the main street through La Spezia

the Cinque Terre' area is a big drawcard for Italian tourism


coffee at Portifino brought back great memories

Santa Margherita .... another great town

After a great 5 hour drive we picked up our door keys and almost immediately our unit was made homely, clothes hanging, kitchen sorted and washing underway. Gilli was on a roll.

Thankfully the vacuum stayed in its cupboard.

An afternoon walk-around got our bearings sorted and allowed us to appreciate how nice this small village was.

Quaint, colourful, peaceful and seaside. Perfecto.

Moneglia was well placed on the Mediterranean shoreline between Genoa to the north and Livorno to the south and served our purposes well.

First up was the drive to Genoa to see if the gorgeous old galleon was still floating. It was but a little TLC wouldn't go astray on the old girl. Genoa was still a great city and full of naval history although recent alterations around the port area haven't really added to its interest.

A later drive to beautiful Portofino scored some of the best weather yet with temps as high as 14. This remains one of our very favourite places out of so many great spots along the coast including those in the Cinque Terre'. Although much larger, Santa Margherita was another great town and well worth the visit.

A southerly drive down to La Spezia was fun especially through many hillside villages and ultra- tight hairpins which had Gilli pressing hard on her imaginary 'brake pedal'. Approaching vehicles trying to share our lane did draw a few profanities through her otherwise sedate lips.

The Old Fella was shocked.

Driving through single lane tunnels is part of the norm in this area of Italy which were fun in spite of lengthy delays caused by alternating traffic lights. Not so much fun were the kamikaze motor scooter riders who seemed determined to end their lives along with anyone else in their paths. Sadly they are part and parcel to driving around Italy especially in city areas. We're learning to blend.

After a great 5 night layover in Moneglia, enjoying plenty of home cooking, we packed bags once again.

Next on our list was Elba which we reached after a short ferry ride from Porto Piombino just south of Livorno.

The early morning drive from Moneglia to the ferry terminal was almost a clear run but the roads were a little frosty. Incredibly we passed through temperatures as low as -4 which were unexpected.

We were definitely hoping for better on the Isola d' Elba.

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