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Overlooking salt farm

Handsome Chappie

Handsome couple

In resturant at Sol y Luna

Humming Bird

Humming Bird

Looking Down Sacred Valley

Abba revival

Alison relaxing by pool

Daves attempt at an Inca doorway

Sorry I have been off line for the past amazing week from the top of Maachu Picchu down to the sweltering heat of the Amazon Basin. Sitting in Puerto Maldinardo airport in 34c 100% Humidity, sweating buckets so fingers slipping across keyboard

But back to the Cusco and the Sol y Luna Hotel, some pictures of the hotel as well as Humming Birds.

I had my best ever massage in the hotel, the setting was idllyic at the far end of the grounds, surrounded by deep vegetation with the sound of passing bees and humming birds. The temperature was warm and smoothing and Analaise then set to work using every pointy bone in her body to manipulate my every joint. She said it was the sound was of the release of the negative energy, I had assumed it was my bones breaking!!.

After the release of the joints which appeared to be significant time finally the warm local atomic oils were applied liberarirly. This put me to sleep only being waken when she rang some bells around my head. Wonderful, I floated back to the hotel room.

Alison had booked a pedicure for the hour but asked if she could have a manicure as well. After much discussion this was agreed. One thing that we have learnt on this trip, if anything is off menu it will need 4 managers, 3 staff, 2 outside agencies and a Spanish speaking guide to reach a decision. As this had only 3 staff involved, Alison ended up with a 30 minute pedicure but the manicure was lost in translation!!!!!

But all is well that ends well as they gave a double discount for the pedicure, so that we could afford a pedicure later.

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