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February 4, 2018 Baja Beauty and Bounty

Morning Report:

Someone once mentioned that a lot of my pictures include food. (Okay, almost everyone mentioned that). This post might be that way too because the food here is delicious!

I am watching Peg make vegan pistachio-cranberry biscotti, a birthday gift for Frank, a good friend of Peg and Eric’s. I am hoping a few pieces fall off so I can taste them. Eric is off on a kayak-fishing expedition with the guys while we rest up from last night’s dancing. We attended a benefit for SOAR, the local dog rescue organization. The band, Los Beach Dogs, was rockin’ and everyone had a great time.

My flights here were great and getting through Customs was easy and quick, considering how many people were on the plane. Peg and Eric were waiting, camera in hand, to greet me. After stopping by to see their beautiful home and garden, we drove to the Nopolo beach for a short walk and then drove south a bit to the resort Loreto Bay for a another walk along the golf course. It is amazing to look out at the serenity of the Sea of Cortez and then turn around to see the rugged beauty Sierra de Giganta.

By now we were hungry, so off to La Palapa in Loreto where Peg and I shared a table-side prepared Caesar Salad and a giant Seafood Combination Platter while Eric had fish veracruz-style. With a bit of help from Eric we finished off the entire platter.

Home to my cozy guest room which Peg fixed up so beautifully! I slept like a log. There’s a beautiful little rooftop terrace right off the bedroom. Sweet! Yesterday Peg and I walked around the Nopolo neighborhood stopping at Frank and Susan’s for a tour of their beautiful Tuscan-Mexican home and garden. Eric and Rascal (el perro excellente!) chilled out at home while Peg drove us to Misión San Francisco Javier de Viggé-Biaundó via a windy but well-paved road into the mountains. We saw a huge roadrunner, horseback riders, stray cattle and a woman walking her goats. The real surprise was seeing so much water in this dry landscape; spring-fed oases spill across the road in several places along the way. Peg said the local produce for Loreto’s CSA baskets is all grown in these mountains in terraced gardens using an irrigation system dating back centuries. The stone Misión is beautiful and we got a tour of the grounds from a man who practiced his English skills on us, took our picture in front of the olive trees and impressed us with his dexterity while trying to show us a fish he discovered in the pond he cleans daily using his homemade net. From a vendor Peg bought a cool ram figurine carved from the same volcanic rock used to build the Misión.

Making our way home on Hwy 1 an animal suddenly ran across the road and we both screamed, not with terror but excitement. We agreed it was a Lynx! Others later told us it was a Bobcat, but its Latin name is Lynx Rufus, so we were all right. No matter what you call it, we were thrilled!

Afternoon Update:

Peg and I were just about to leave for brunch in Loreto when we heard the ring-ring-ring of Eric’s bicycle bell. He returned with a catch for tonight’s dinner, two Sierras and a Barracuda. After a couple of victory laps on his clever bicycle-kayak delivery system, Peg and I left him to the messy cleaning chores and drove to town for brunch at Los Olivos restaurant in La Mision Loreto Hotel across the street from the Sea of Cortez. Who wouldn’t enjoy a delicious meal with a great friend plus an outstanding view?

After brunch we stopped at a segunda, (meaning second), kind of a cross between thrift stores and flea markets. We went to two supermarkets, one catering more to Americans/Canadians and the other to locals. We were on the hunt for Negro Modelo but had to compromise with Dos Equis Amber. We also hit the Loreto versions of the Dollar Store and Wal-Mart. It was so much fun as I love seeing how other cultures live, and what Peg’s new life here feels like.

There is music playing everywhere you go, and it is not that soothing elevator crap. It is lively and sometimes a bit too loud but I think it’s really cool. We also stopped at the Banco to use the ATM and I had to do two transactions because we were convinced that $200 meant dollars. Instead out spit a 200 peso note which is worth about $12 after ATM fees, lol. My receipt read, “Try again, dummy”, or it should have. The next time I chose $2,000.

I am now relaxing on a chaise lounge on “my” rooftop terrace, happy to be here amidst beauty, bounty and friendship.

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