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Norris Hot Springs, Jan. 28, 2018

The piano music of the Twilight Zone plays in the background...hear it? Dodododo, dodododo over and over again. I invite you to come along with us on a journey to a remote dot on the map. A rustic hot springs located in the middle of southwest Montana - 20 miles north of Ennis, and about 30 miles west of Bozeman. It's just a junction in the road, a small town named Norris where "The Water of the Gods" has warmed Indians, pioneers, hunters, fishermen, skiers and hikers alike for over 100 years. This became our Twilight Zone...the dimension unknown fueled by imagination that could not be real.

Can you hear Rod Serling's voice describe the following? (google it if you didn't grow up watching Twilight Zone on TV in black and white, late 1950's) A family unit of 4 soaks in the warm waters of the Hot Springs. Contact is made with the family because they have 2 young red-headed boys age 3 and 1. Suss chats awhile while Mary Ann talks about recessive genes. Time passes and into the dressing rooms go the family unit divided by grandma, mother, and 1 child. Dad takes 3 year old with him into the men's dressing room. As Mary Ann enters the women's dressing room there is a discussion going on between several women and the word ST. LOUIS is mentioned. Wait says M.A. - I'm from St. Louis! So am I says the young mother. Now, this is a sidebar that needs a little explanation. IF you are from St. Louis, and meet someone from St.Louis...you always ask, "So, where did you go to High School?" No other city that I know of has this phenomenon...there are books written about it! So the young mother answers, St. Joe...what about you?? (St. Joseph's Academy, my high school) My knees buckled, I took a big breath and told her I also went to St. Joe! The lively discussion continued about parishes, suburbs and moving to Montana. She was a lovely young woman as was her mother who also lived many years in St. Louis, but didn't 'go to high school' there. I continued to dry off and change clothes. Since it's such a challenge to pull clothes onto a damp body, I usually change into sweats. As I pulled my Georgia sweatshirt down with its big red and black "G" logo, the young lady states that her husband is from Georgia. Really, what part I ask. Oh, he grew up in Ellijay. (our former town) Now my body is slammed against the lockers for support in disbelief. Are y'all trying to trick me? Did someone tell you to toy with me like this?? No, the dude really did grow up in Ellijay and his father opened Appalachian Supply Co. on Hwy 515, a building supply company we used frequently. For you St. Louis and Ellijay readers, the couple are Melissa (Costigan) and Ben Davis. Barb Costigan is the grannie.

But, there is always another twist in Twilight Zone episodes... the owners of the hot springs are from St. Louis, too! Dodododo dodododo dodododo

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