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The new bridge, looking from the end of the hotel corridor.

The new bridge, looking from the end of the hotel corridor.

Our tickets, ready for printing, showing up on the computer screen.

Old man on the bus.

Early shot of the moon, from Melrose's balcony.

Us, at Wallace, while waiting for our dinner. Two lovely girls asked...

Today, I sent a message to Denise to see if she could help us with collecting train tickets, and also getting my bedding to Melrose's house. We arranged to meet her at around 3.30 at the medical college.

So we headed out to get lunch at the Chongqing Noodles shop, and walked down to get a #4 bus. It was nice out today - still cold, but not raining, and much more pleasant. Carol loved her noodles, although challenging managing them just with chopsticks and a spoon! But she got there!

After eating, we got a bus back to the CBD, because we needed to go back to the hotel to get the hard drives for Scott. We did not plan that very well, but not to worry. As we got off the bus, we went over to a lovely little shop that sells vacuum flasks, and I got myself one that cost me 40rmb. Happy with that!!

We collected the hard drives, and then back out to get another bus to the college. I got up to the apartment and finished packing my stuff for the trip north, and packed up my bedding to take to Melrose. Denise was running a little late, so we went down with our loads, to wait at the car park for her.

It took some doing, but we managed to get all the bedding jammed into the boot, and my case in the back seat, then off to the train station. What a challenge that was. There is major roadworks at the end of Xijiang Road, and that means alternate routes are needed to get to the station!!

We tried one way, and ran out of options, so had to backtrack and find another way. But eventually we got to the old station, which I did not even know still existed!! But we went up, to find our way to the ticket office. I thought Denise was going to stay with the car, but I was very glad that she had followed us up, because I think without her help, we may have had great difficulties collecting all eight tickets that we had paid for. But in good time, we had all the tickets in our hot little hands!! We really are off now. And Denise helped us to know which platform we need to be on, to get the train on Friday morning, and also how early we need to be there!! So, it looks like we will be leaving the hotel around 5am, to catch a 6:07am train!! Going to be a long day.

From the train station, we drove to Qianqian's kindy to collect her. Denise stayed in the car, and Carol and I went in to get her!! She was very surprised, and pleased I think, to find two foreign grannies waiting to take her home!!

Denise dropped us off at the hotel, and then she went to have dinner at Gary's Mum's house. She will drop the bedding off, on their way home tonight. We went out, and got a bus out to Melrose's house, to wait for Gary and Denise.

The traffic was terrible tonight. Very slow through the city centre, but of course we did eventually get there. Melrose was home, and we sat and had coffee/tea, and when Melrose took us out to look at her little balcony garden, we noticed the moon, which was gorgeous. Big, and golden with a blue ring around it. It was really special.

We did not wait for long before going out to a local Wallace to get chicken burger, chicken wrap and chips for dinner. We were still eating when I had a message from Denise to say they were on their way. So I sent them my location, and we went back to Melrose's place to wait for them.

I waited downstairs on the street, and waited, and waited. It was freezing!! It seems that the location was not correct, so I sent a current location, and that was not quite right either. But eventually we all connected up. They helped me to carry the gear upstairs, then sat for a little while, before leaving.

We chatted a little longer, and then headed off for a bus to the hotel. It was very cold, although not as miserable as yesterday, but still not at all comfortable!!

All in all, a good day. But a lot of sitting around, waiting for things to happen, and we both got very cold, and chilled to the bone.

Home, and on went the air conditioner, which is a heating one, and it is lovely to feel the room warm up so quickly. Such luxury!!

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