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Deer in our campground


Peaceful sunset


We got a neighbor on the other side of us Sunday afternoon. It's a fifth wheel, belonging to another winter Texan. Bill was outside, hand-digging up the cockle burrs (burning apparently doesn't take care of the roots). The new guy, Don, pulls in next to us and says to Bill "There goes the neighborhood, I've arrived!" He is a widower, and the fifth wheel he pulled was newly purchased. He had some problems figuring out how to set it up (slides, hookups, leveling, etc), so Bill helped him out. In gratitude, Don promised us an authentic German dinner sometime. We spent yesterday doing chores early on, then sitting outside after it warmed up, enjoying the afternoon. I actually opted to skip the group ice cream last night, and headed back down to the river again just before sunset. The walk down to the river is about 3 blocks from our site (but it's all within the campground). And the walk along the river is another 3-4 blocks long. Even when I don't find anything special (like last night), I'm always treated to the babbling sound of the water, and the egret looking for his dinner (I haven't seen the heron for several days). Bill follows behind me with Mo on these walks (so they don't scare the birds, deer, etc). I'm hoping to get off my butt today and make time for some art. I've really been procrastinating since drawing the roses. I can't seem to decide what to do next, or what medium to use (graphite, colored pencil or watercolor). But I'm never going to improve if I don't keep at it.

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