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On the road east from The Dalles, we are in the golden brown part of Oregon. The tall grasses are pale gold. The mountains roll or at least are more round-topped than around Mount Hood. As we approach State Highway 74, a sign says it is a scenic route, so I decide to take it, though I end up wondering how it got that designation. Between two sets of the light brown hills is a green valley, a verdant strip, in which cattle graze, alfalfa grows, and the occasional farm house along with barn and other outbuildings are seen. In this pastoral and quiet setting, we see barely any other traffic.

Eventually we join 395 and return to the freeway at Pendleton. At the summit the Blue Mountains are about 4400 feet. We gradually descend as we head east back to the Boise Valley.

Upon our return to Nampa, we have dinner at the Golden Corral with our sister, Ernie. Idahoans come in droves to this all-you-can-eat place. It is hard not to overeat. Judging from the number of overweight patrons, resisting that temptation is often a lost cause.

More pictures when I am able to post them.

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