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Humming bird on Taquila island

Tequila island

Entrance to the 500 steps to top

In town square

National Flower of Bolivia and Peru

Overlooking towards the Andes

Guinea Pigs around hotel


Moon rise

Crazy kids

After having left the idilic setting of the Uros on the floating reed beds, we headed out by boat to the Tequila island in the centre of lake Titicaca. It's people there still follow the exact doctrine and traditions of the pre Inca period. The people still dress to the exact codes laid down over millennia. The style, colour, hat and bags all have an exact status of hirachy and martial position.

Only the men knit and sew and only the women spin and weave. Also if a boy wants to date a girl he has to sew a band so tight that it will hold water for 1minute, failure means no date. Also if the man wishes to marry he must knit himself a hat decorated with his life story as well including mythical and physical beasts to show that he understands the world. This system must be effective as there is no unwanted pregencies or divorces.

We had lunch overlooking the bay based on trout from the lake and vegetables from the Garden.

We were entertained by an Andiann male singer who also played the pipes and a sort of guitar.

Whilst an eight year old daughter of the mistrial, showed how to make shampoo out of cactus flowers. She then cleaned some dirty wool. I had hoped that she would do my 3 day old undies, but no such luck.

We walked to the top of the island and down to the bay. We saw humming birds and lots of children selling their wares. I wish I could have given everyone some money, but I soon ran out of solos as well as dollars.

Had some spectactular views back over Bolivia and the mountains of Chile, we also saw in the distance the Isle de Sol where had visited a few days earlier.

Returned to the hotel by boat. Just sitting and having a beer when I spotted some wild Guinea pigs and a herb of Alpaca. After reeling off some more photos and having a snack. Went to bed early as we have a 6:15 departure,

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