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An early start to Friday 26th Jan 2018 at 6:15 and our last day whilst travelling through Bolivia.

We added another form of transport to growing list for at the river crossing at San Pedro de Tequina. Where we boarded a local a very old and decripid river taxi along with other local folk going to the market. Having survived this trip wearing luminous life belts which were issued by the company. We looked out of place with the locals and the driver looking particularly unhappy. I think we were questioning his crafts capability to stay afloat!!!!!

We travelled along an old inca route through mountain ranges to the town of Copacabana. This town has a very special and significant spiritual place for those followers of Mother Earth. In fact many Bolivians go to town to have their cars and vehicles blessed by the local shaman to have good luck and no accidents over the year.

They were queuing around the square, after having dressed their vehicles in flowers and banners, they would receive blessing from the shaman, cover the vehicle in champagne, beer and water and release fire crackers by the dozens.

The blessing takes place immediately outside the second most important cathedral in Bolivia named Virgin Morena. The interior of the church is covered in gold from floor to ceiling. This clearly demonstrated the power and belief of the Catholic Church. However there are still many indigenous sub cultures beliefs and festivals which overlay on the Christian calendar.

From Copacabana we to a ferry out to the Isla of Sol, which was our first sight of Lake Titicaca from the Bolivian side, where we visited a pre inca palace built in 1400 BC. The engineering of the building was magnificent and even had trapidozal doorways. The key doors faced to the east and towards the rising sun of Wanamama, no not the cafe but Mother Earth. I am thinking of converting to this cultural belief.

We were then priveldged to be taken to a family home around the bay to have a standard island food. This was cooked by the husband and wife team who served by a soup full of vegetables and herbs and followed by potatoes, broad beans, sweet corn, chicken, whitebait and cheese. Travelled back to Copacabana where I burnt my head whilst sitting on top of the deck. It was not particularly hot but the radiation is high.Following a 20 minute drive we crossed the Bolivian border into Peru. At least this time it had a sort of barrier but very little else see photo.

Following a 3 hour drive through Peruvian landscape which was dominated by thousands of small hold farmers living in what can be described as single store, two roomed mud or even dung houses with enclosures for their cattle, sheep, llamas and anything else they collected. It really is subsistence living with manual and wooden ploughs being the order of the day. The only one thing which each and every house having did have was a separate single toilet block.

We arrived in Puno on the edge of Lake Titicaca and we were located on a Penisular in the 5 star hotel Libertador. We again had a fantastic view over the Lake and reed beds, and we could see the floating houses fro. Our fourth floor room. We have been and continue to be so lucky and fortunate to have the most brilliant view .

Went to bed at 23:00 and looked forwarded to the following day on the Lake with the Urso people.

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