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This ensured I'd have a safe trip home

McFarland High School

And showing their pride

Got some airplane folks on this trip...this is for them



My little town of Knights Ferry


Okay, Grandma, time for fetch.

Throw it, or else

Oh, so good to be home!

My welcome!

I left the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield at 9:15, and then waited in line over

an hour to get my truck and HitchHiker washed. It was worth the wait.

On my way home, I pulled off the freeway to drive through the tiny town of McFarland.

My grandkids would all know why I did that...but do any of you know before I tell you?

I've watched the movie 3 times with the grandkids and knew I'd get a kick out

of visiting the town which one man put on the map - by coaching and leading the local

Mexican kids to multiple State Championships in cross-country track. Kevin Costner

plays the coach in the movie, McFarland USA, and it easily ranks in the top five

most feel-good movies you could ever watch. If you watch the movie, be sure to read

everything on the screen at the end...what happened to those kids... the coach... Remarkable.

Got home safely mid-afternoon and after several tries and help from a grandson, I got my

rig backed up next to my little porch and got settled in. Feels good to be home. And Boots is very happy. He knows.

After January, it'll be a while before my feet get itchy again.

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