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in the air from Port of Spain





sunrise on the plane





in Saint Vincent airport

my plane

view from the hotel



morning cat

on a walk to town

just kicking back






my ship waits for me HA HA












police station








Fort Charlotte
















lunch menu




















on the way to the beach





a black sand beach




my hotel



a local beer

This morning it was off early for my Flight to Saint Vincent at 6:00 AM got checked in then through security and a short wait for the boarding of the plane, was a turbo prop plane wow have not been on one of thoses in several years, LOL Was a 45 minute flight landing at the new airport on the other side of the island from my hotel, so another long taxi ride, LOL and as we got close to Kingstown the traffic became very heavy heading into the city the 8 o'clock rush hour. Got to my hotel a very nice place setting on the top of a hill overlooking the old airport where I thought I would be landing, LOL. Got checked into my room and was able to get breakfast there, before heading into Kingstown. Was a`nice day not real hot out so I walked there it took about a hour to get to the main part of town, not a real big city, main part is 3 blocks wide and 9 blocks long, found the post office mailed off a couple postcards the got some local money from the ATM. Walk around the city checked out a couple local markets one being the fish market, then got a taxi to the top of the mountain to Fort Charlotte a old British fort with a great view of the cit and the bay, the taxi driver waited for me then took me back down the hill to the city. Stop for some lunch a nice buffet then a bit more exploring before getting a few things at the supermarket for fixing dinner at my hotel and getting a taxi back to my hotel. Saint Vincent island is 133 square miles with a population of about a 100,000 people with many small islands around it. It is now my 98 country so I Have now traveled to half of the countrie of the world.

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