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Happy, but very shy little girl, loving her kangaroos photo.

Some success today, and finally got some chores done that I have been working toward.

Firstly, I headed to the Yue Hai Hotel, and got a good price from them, for accommodation when Carol arrives. But it is very dirty, with all the roadworks happening along the river front. So, around the corner I went, to the Jin Jiang Hotel. There were problems with language difficulties, but another customer at the front desk helped me out, and I had a look at a couple of rooms. Very nice, and clean.

From there, I took a bus down to Renmin Zhonglu, to look at another place. Also fine, good price, nice rooms. And once again, help from another guest!! On the way back to the bus stop, I called in to the Home Inn in Renmin Zhonglu. More expensive, and nothing special to recommend it, so I was planning to try and book online tonight, as the prices are even cheaper online.

I was pretty tired, and as I'd had a message from Peter to say hello, I decided to head down his way, and cadge a coffee, while I was in that part of town.

We had coffee, and then decided to go and have dinner at what I call my little Wedges Restaurant.

We had a really nice meal, wedges, chicken wings, prawns wrapped in bacon on kebab sticks, more prawns on kebab sticks, and mashed potato with a cheese topping and baked in the oven.

Once again ordered too much, but I took that home too, so that is lunch for tomorrow!!

the owners' little girl is very shy, and was not very willing to say hello, but I gave her one of my kangaroo photos, and that sure brought a smile to her little face!

When I got home, I went onto the website to book hotel accommodation. I got the booking done with no difficulty, but an hour or so later, I had a call from the company, to say they could not confirm the cost. So I asked them to leave the booking, and let me know tomorrow morning, if there is still a problem.

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