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Gathering in the ship atrium before the lap around the ship

Mel and I ready for the march

Making our way around the promenade deck

Leaving Bora Bora, listening to the band for the sail away party

Mel and I have not been very diligent about getting our 4 laps = 1 mile around the promenade. May be 1-2 laps on most days. Today though we did a lap with several other people in solidarity with the women’s marches going on in USA this weekend.

Mel and I had attended the march in Pasadena a year ago and agree the same issues still exist, especially with the government shutdown this weekend. The march was just word of mouth…., meet at 10 AM and walk a lap around. A couple of people brought homemade signs, so as we sat in the atrium, many people asked if they could join us. We ended up with about 40 people walking, with many more saying they wished they had known and would have joined us. Many had marched the previous year in various cities.

It is interesting to be 3,000 miles away in the middle of no where and be aware of things back home. The news is a bit limited on the ship TV with BBC News, MSNBC, CNBC and Fox News channels, international feeds only. For example, MSNBC was featuring Hong Kong housing market this morning. We can get internet news on our own devices. Yahoo keeps coming up with the Spanish version on mine and Mel’s iPad.

We are beginning our 3rd week of 17 weeks on the ship. I wonder if our thoughts about being connected to the daily events in USA or LA will change over time.

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