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One of the side effects of the radiation therapy for prostate cancer is possible irritation to the bladder which causes an urge to go to the bathroom about every two hours. When I mentioned this to my doctor he gave me a prescription which would quiet that activity.

Having taken that medicine for a week or two resulting in good nights of sleep, I decided to try a night without taking the meds, hoping that my body has adapted and the medicine might be needed no longer. Alas, that was not to be and I woke every two hours to go to the bathroom, resulting in very little sleep.

Feeling poorly as we sipped our coffee we decided to pass on going to Mass this morning. Bob was coming over to install the new steps. I had things prepared and Bob had those new steps installed in about twenty minutes. Mike came by to watch the process and almost missed the fun.

Marilyn & I are very happy with the new addition to our RV and we thank our friend Bob for all of his expertise and his willingness to help or simply do the work. He is a great friend to have for sure.

We folded the old steps and put them in the truck. I’ll take them to a scrap metal dealer on Tuesday. I also cut up the cardboard and will take it to the recycle bin tomorrow. The wooden skid went into the storage shed but I plan to donate it to the woodworking shop.

Eddie & Jan stopped by and we all sat together on the patio as we made plans for tomorrow.

Marilyn fixed a nice meal and now I am ready for a good night of sleep. You can bet that I’ll take my medicine tonight. Life is Good!

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