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Marilyn & I cuddled I bed this morning, both of us awake but reluctant to get up on this cold, wet, breezy, morning. Then I remembered that Jim & Karen were leaving this morning and we wanted to share “so long” hugs with them and wish them safe travels.

Marilyn put the coffee on while I looked out the window. I could see that Jim was working although he had things to do before hooking up to the fifth wheel. We didn’t want to bother Jim until they were ready to go. It wasn’t long before we noticed our friends heading across the street toward us, so we went outdoors and chatted with our friends for a bit before sharing hugs with them. We’ll miss these good folks but they will return in a few weeks.

Once our friends were on their way, I connected the battery charger to the batteries in the truck, but it took until 12:00 noon before I was able to start the truck. Marilyn followed me in the car as I drove to the Ford dealer to have two new batteries installed. As soon as I had signed the paperwork, we left the truck and drove off to get some lunch. Ranch House Burgers was the choice and we enjoyed our lunch.

As we arrived back at the Ford Dealership, we noticed our truck sitting outdoors. Marilyn headed home in the car while I went inside to settle up, shedding myself of $416.00 and then I followed Marilyn’s tracks.

As I parked the truck I noticed the new neighbors who had taken the Site vacated by Jim & Karen. I walked over to welcome them to the neighborhood and was surprised as I shook hands with the gentleman saying “Hi, I’m Ed”. He said something like “I know you. I’ve been reading your blog for years. You’re a pilot”.

We laughed about the whole thing and I suspect Dick & Bev will be good folks to have as neighbors.

Life is Good!

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