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A beautiful Amarillo sunset

It's Friday in Amarillo. I didn't make Amarillo by morning (love that song), but I did make it on Wednesday while the temps were still above freezing. Yesterday it was 64 and today is supposed to reach 73! What a wonderful welcome pleasure!

I ate at the Big Texan on my Big Trip in '10, but decided to skip it this year. The food, was fantastic, atmosphere great and I loved the wandering tableside music. Next time. Instead, I washed my truck as I could no longer stand looking at it. The 5th wheel is equally as bad, but I'm going to take that to a truck wash in Bakersfield on my way home. That way, it'll only get about 250 miles of road dirt on it. ;-)

And besides grocery shopping and washing the truck, I got to visit with a new RV repair man and worry over two new leaks I have on the bottom side. The repair man installed a new thermostat on my heater/air. It had gone blank in Oklahoma City and the rv guy who came there fiddled with a couple of wires and got it working just fine. He was hopeful all was good and didn't want to needlessly sell me a new one. I appreciated that, but unfortunately, three days later the thing died. No wiggling or slugging it would make it work. He wasn't the right guy for the leaks (they're slow drips) and he thought I'd make it home fine.

The big bummer, though, is that I'm canceling my stop in Lake Havasu to visit two great forum friends and instead, am driving straight home with 4 more one-night stands. I'm hoping to pull into the RV shop in Oakdale on Wednesday...just ten miles from home. And I'm also hoping they find minor causes. I'll let y'all know when I know.

Tomorrow I head to Albuquerque.

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