Blake World Cruise 2017-18 travel blog

Four new experiences on this trip. Transitioning the Panama Canal, crossing the Equator, crossing the International Dateline and transitioning the Suez Canal. Here is what we have learned so far, French built the Suez Canal-on a sand base-but couldn’t handle the Panama Canal, because it had elevations. The Equator is a line dividing the North and Southern Hemispheres, so the northern countries take care of striping the ocean in winter and the southern countries do the striping in summer. The paint on the ocean last about two weeks then they have to repaint this is done by an Ocean LINER. The International Dateline goes north and south and zig zags a bit making itt more difficult and this line is painted monthly by certain planes called Air LINERS. Seriously this is the type of info we need to be teaching in our schools, good stuff.

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