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out for a morning walk



king palms






largest wooden Cathedral in South America



St Peter and Paul Cathedral 1883


















Presidentieel Paleis




Suriname River


new bridge over the Suriname river













a mosque and right beside it is a synagogue


yes a Mcdonalds



armed guard at bank




and a Burger King

dinner pork ribs very good

Off this morning about the area and to a atm to some local money, and then back to hotel for some breakfast. Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname setting on the banks of the Suriname river about 15 Km from the Atlantic ocean, and is known for its wooden Dutch Colonial building, founded in the early 16th century, today it is a city of about 250 thousand people with a very mixed of people from all nations.

After breakfast it was out to walk around the old Colonial part of the city with many of the old building ready to collapse but still being used, was a rather warm day 30 C and the humidity is around 80% so was a slow walk around, a stop for lunch at a KFC need some chicken, LOL. Another stop at the post office to mail myself postcard and to get a magnet. then back to the hotel and just kick back. The internet at the hotel is very bad sometimes it works sometimes i don't so has been a bit challenging to do things.

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