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What is going on? For the second time this winter we have seen the temperature drop to the freezing level. We even saw a snow flurry for about 30 seconds this afternoon.

After breakfast we drove to the post office to mail several gifts to the grandkids in Palmyra. We selected a padded envelope and waited only a minute for our turn to pay at the counter. Then we carefully placed the gifts in the envelope, addressed it, and turned around to approach the counter again. There were at least six more people now ahead of us. Grrr…

When we left the post office we drove to the HEB store where I waited in the car while Marilyn went inside to pick up a few items. As I sat in the car I noticed two separate people push a full cart to their car, unload their groceries, and then leave the cart beside their car blocking a parking space as they drove away. The irritation on my part was because, in both cases, there was one of those things you park the cart in, within a few feet of their car. Grrr…

As I drove out of the parking lot there was a double lane to exit. The left lane was for cars turning left while the right lane was for folks going to the right. I was in the left lane waiting for traffic to clear so that I could turn left and head for home. While I waited, I noticed another car pull up beside me in the right turn lane. No problem.

The traffic cleared and I pulled out, turning left, and the car which had been to my right also pulled out and turned left nearly hitting us. Grrr… He then pulled into the lane I was in, right in front of me and turned on his right turn signal. We were approaching an intersection and I assumed he was going to turn right, even though he was in the middle lane. Wrong! He went through the intersection with his turn signal blinking for a right hand turn. Grrr…

It was a good day for soup so we relaxed and I fixed a kettle of beef vegetable soup which hit the spot.

My new steps for the RV were delivered today so we have tentatively scheduled to install them on Sunday when the temperatures are forecast to return to the 78 degree mark.

Life is Good!

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