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I wasn't planning to go anywhere today, but I had offered to cook roast pork today. I had bought some nice looking pieces of pork ages ago in Walmart, and had them stored in the freezer. But the first hurdle was the fact that we ran out of gas, and needed a replacement bottle. Secondly, it was wet, still raining all day, and I really could not face going out to get vegetables, so it was not looking like a roast dinner today after all.

A new gas bottle did arrive just after lunch, but by then I had already decided to postpone the cooking for the day. Not feeling terribly motivated. I was thinking that toast and cheese would do for me!

Later in the afternoon Melrose messaged me to see if I was going in to town this evening. I said no, but she could visit if she wanted to. She said she would do that, so I asked her if she could pick up veges, coconut and chicken flavouring granules on her way. I will cook after all, and teach her how to make pumpkin soup while the roast is cooking.

Scott does not mind eating late, so very belatedly I started cooking the pork, after scoring the skin and rubbing in salt. I just hope I can get decent crackling. So, with the pork cooking, I eventually got into the shower and into fresh clothes!!

The traffic was bad in the city, normal for this time of day, but when you add in raining all day, it just makes it so much worse. Traffic jams everywhere. Melrose was not going to get here in time to get in the back gate, so I went down to the bus stop, to show her how to get in through the front gate. To complicate things, she had got off at the wrong stop, and so then had to wait for another bus to get here.

It was so cold, and damp outside. Not that it was very warm inside, but at least it was dry.

By the time we got back up to the apartment, the pork was cooking nicely, and the crackling looked great. So I prepared the vegetables ready for roasting, then made apple sauce, and took frozen peas out of the freezer.

Once all that was ready, I took onion, pumpkin and potato, and showed Melrose my simple method for making pumpkin soup. It would be good to have a stick blender, but all we had was a potato masher, so the soup was not as smooth as I would normally achieve, but by the time I had added chicken stock granules, and then half a can of coconut cream, it was delicious. Melrose was very impressed, but also surprised at how easy pumpkin soup is to make.

The apple sauce was a bit odd, as the cooked apple did not break down, so it was unsweetened stewed apple, but the flavour is right!

By the time we ate, it was quite late, but so worth the wait. Roast pork, complete with crackling, with roast potatoes, carrots and pumpkin, then peas, apple sauce and gravy. So delicious. When I lived here, there was no such thing as an oven in the shops to buy, and it certainly it a blessing to have one, for the times you really need a feed of familiar food.

Melrose and I cleaned up the dishes, and then she left for home. At least my rather gloomy day got brightened up!

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