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My mango is ripening nicely.

Sports grounds, with all the gazebos.

Risked my phone in the rain, for these lovely blooms.

Risked my phone in the rain, for these lovely bloom.

It had been raining all night, and it continued for the whole day, not terribly heavy, but constant and soaking. Means nothing dries at all. But I have a coat and an umbrella, so what does it matter.

What did matter today though, was that I had set the alarm for 7.30, to get myself down to the ticket agent early, to try for those tickets. But I shut off the alarm, and went back to sleep. I had not had a good night's sleep, and had been up and down to the loo all night. I was so annoyed with myself.

I did not get to the ticket agent until late afternoon. But he did have tickets!! Bonus! I wanted to get tickets for the train leaving Zhaoqing at 7:22am, but he would not/could not sell me tickets for that train. He tried to tell me that there was not enough time to get from Guangzhou train station to the Guangzhou South train station!! Even though there is more than two hours cross over. Anyway, I had no option, and now have tickets leaving Zhaoqing at 6:07! Pretty early, but never mind. And this train gets in a whole ten minutes earlier than the one I wanted!! Must be a regulation or something. I don't know.

I walked on down Kangle Lu to go to Peter's apartment to return some plastic freezer boxes that I had used to bring food back here, when I returned. While I was there, I sprayed through with air freshener, as the place is pretty stuffy after being shut up for some time.

In to town I went, on a #10 bus, to take me to Starbucks. I had a ham and cheese croissant and a coffee mocha and bought a smoked chicken salad to take home for tomorrow.

I did not need anything else in the city, so I headed home, and got back just in time to get in the back gate before it is locked at 7pm. Not that it's a big deal, but it does save some legwork, with a shorter walk from the bus stop.

When I got home, I checked the bag of passion fruit that I had received from the Hu family, and noticed that if I did not get the pulp into the freezer, I would lose them. So I found ice cube trays, and a muffin tray, and scooped out all the pulp. I actually only lost two of them, so that was lucky!

Late in the evening, Scott put a post on wechat, to say that the student he has been coaching for a big speaking competition in Guangzhou managed to get into the top 3 speakers, out of 81 contestants!! Great work, on both their behalves!! Not easy to get up and deliver a speech to judges when you have no idea what they will actually be looking for, and also a big job to do the coaching!!

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