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The cake

Lacie and Mike

Don, Daren, Tyler

Cory, Steve, Don

Cory and Lacie

Pierre was guarding the table


We left early on the 12th to drive to Colorado Springs for Lacie’s engagement party. Our first stop was in Trinidad to renew the Old Guy’s drivers license since he didn’t get it when we originally left from Colorado last September. I had all the correct documentation and it only took about 10 minutes before we were on our way again. The drive was uneventful, but we were thankful we were not pulling the trailer with the 40 MPH crosswinds we had the whole way! At last we arrived. Don’s younger son came over with his girlfriend and we shared pizza and many laughs.

The next day Don and I went to breakfast at Gunther Toody’s with more family, nephews and such. This was our favorite place for breakfast in the Springs and it is always great to catch up with the family. (We did see them over the 4th of July but nice to connect again.) After breakfast we drove over to see an old fireman buddy and wife who we had not seen in a couple years. And again caught up and told stories. Then we had to drive back to the house so I could go shopping with Margot for the party. Top of the list was a cake, then sandwich, shrimp and veggie platters, beer and flowers.

With the back of the Xterra full of party stuff we headed home. At home we asked for help to unload and carry stuff in so Don volunteered. Unfortunately, when he opened the back hatch the cake fell out on it’s side, still enclosed in the container, on the ground. His face was worth a picture, with both hands in the air in the classic ‘I didn’t do it!’ pose while Margot and I ran forward to survey the damage. Well, we decided we could fix it (ha!) so took it in and sent Margot’s daughter to the store to buy frosting and decorator tubes. After much work and many laughs, we saved it (sort of!) The rest of the party prep was uneventful.

Lacie came early for the party with her wedding dress so she could try it on for us. She had found a $1500 dress on Ebay for $200. And it, and she in it, were positively stunning! We all cried when we saw her. But I was able to get a few pics.

The party came and went with much laughter, hugs and love. And I discovered a new favorite hors d’oeuvre, candied bacon (Thank you Chris Knapp.)

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