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Ernest Gann, one of my favorite authors, wrote a book with the title “Fate is the Hunter”. It was about flying and I read the book three times. Fate plays a part in Aviation for sure but it also is a reality of life in general. Take this morning for example.

Marilyn & I had planned to attend the Mass at 9:00 AM but weren’t ready to leave that early so we changed our normal routine and decided to attend the 10:30 Mass. The 9:00 AM Mass was just ended when we arrived and drove down a different street from where we normally park, as we searched for a parking spot. I passed one open spot (I don’t know why) and then saw another car backing out of a space. I waited and then pulled into the vacated space. I pointed out to Marilyn that the car in front of us had Missouri license and a “Shottenkirk” sticker on the back. That is one of the car dealers from back “home” and I told Marilyn that those folks are from back home.

At that time we noticed two ladies about our age approaching the car in front of us. Marilyn asked the lady nearest us who was opening the door on the passenger side, “Where in Missouri are you from”? The lady mentioned that her friend, the driver of the car, was from Kahoka, Missouri.

That lady looked up and said “You are Eddie Dray.” She mentioned that my cousin, Mary, had suggested she look us up here in the Valley. She also mentioned one of her sisters names Lois, who I knew from High School. We stood and chatted for five more minutes or so and then parted company.

Fate certainly had an effect on our day today. Call it coincidence if you wish, but one tiny change in any of the sequence in events and we would not have met.

God smiled at us today, and Life is Good!

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