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The first thing on my agenda this morning after the coffee was to get my hair cut. As I left the RV I noticed that we were going to experience another awesome day today.

As soon as I left the barber, I drove to the Walmart to pick up my prescription, along with a few grocery items. We were given a nice gift called an Amazon Dot and we use it to create a shopping list. We say aloud "Alexa, create a shopping list" and it replies "Shopping List created". Then when we think of something we need from the store we simply say “Alexa, add (grocery item) to the shopping list”. Then, when I get to the store I simply look at the Amazon Alexa App on my phone and my grocery list is right there. That’s really neat! I fueled the car while I was out and then hurried home to enjoy this wonderful day.

Marilyn put the groceries away as I began shredding paperwork, continuing the work I had begun yesterday. Marilyn commented that we should get outdoors to enjoy the day so I stopped working, grabbed my Kindle e-reader and headed out the door.

It was an even 80 degrees with a sunshine filled sky and a very comfortable breeze of about 15 mph. The breeze rustled the palm fronds and I played some music from Pandora through the Bluetooth speakers on the patio. It was perfect.

That was a wonderful way to spend the day even if I didn’t get my work completed.

Marilyn fixed a very nice dinner for us while I took a shower and put on my PJ’s and now we are relaxing and look forward to a great night of sleep. Life is Good.

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